Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip Plan

I have some vacation time to use, and I hope to spend it on my bike.
This trip is going to be loosely planned, with just some possible points of interest and a lot of road (2,400 miles).
I have not made it down to Tail of the Dragon yet this year, and I want to keep that an annual trip.  So that is likely one of the first items to do.
I enjoy popping down to Gulf Shores Alabama to see John and Rae.
I rode much of the Natchez Trace, but not the whole thing.  So, possibly Natchez Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee.
And there is a popular spot somewhere between Gulf Shores and Natchez called New Orleans.  Perhaps you have heard of it?  I think a quick day or two there will be fun.
It is late in the season, so I am not positive what the weather will be like.  Cooler here in Ohio - down in the 40's Friday when I hope to leave.
Threats of hurricanes down south.  I'll check the radar and my whim and make my decisions as I go.

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