Sunday, September 25, 2011

Outta here!

I got back home Friday night. Backed up traffic in Columbus cost me some time.
2,550 miles
Not bad for a lazy, bum-around vacation.
I got to talk with some interesting people in the courtyard of the hotel. I got to eat and shop my way through n'awlins. I got to ride the Natchez Trace in its entirety. I got to catch up with John and Rae (yum, Irish coffee).
Now time to think about the next trip.
There are some things I will leave home and some things I will make sure to bring (microwave popcorn)
All in all a very good trip.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, of the Trace anyway
This was a very pleasant ride. No gas stations. No fast food. No billboards. Just a ride through history.
Dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville and then find a place to hole up for the night.

The Natchez Trace

Yesterday I started the trace. I do enjoy this ride!
I saw turkey, turkey vultures, 2 fox (? smallish fuzzy and fast), a box turtle, a snake (not sure which kind, 4 ft with diamond pattern) and many deer. Until evening and then it was deer-dodgem! Seriously! After the third time I had to hit the brakes to miss deer crossing the road I decided to find a place to stay.
Today I am back on the trace, about mile 180 of 445. I walked a section of the old trace. Kinda cool putting my feet on the same trail that was such a part of the history and development of the region.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tired Feet

Yesterday I walked all over the French Quarter eating and shopping. A little more today and then it's back on the bike into Mississippi.
The Natchez Trace calls

Monday, September 19, 2011


What time are the fireworks?
I do like this view of the cathedral from the artillery park.

Lots to see

The business end of a steam paddlewheel
Will be nice if I can get to ride

Place dArmes

Got a room on the courtyard

Under a bridge

I don't often duck under bridges when I get caught in the rain. But the lightning was getting worrisome. :-O
3 cars pulled over too.
Probably not gonna sit in the metal guard rail...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday with John and Rae

I pushed a bit last night to see how close to Foley AL I could get. 100 miles out fatigue was increasing so I got a room. Up early today for a short ride to join John and Rae for worship at Peace Lutheran in Gulf Shores. Lunch at McGuire's Irish Pub (Mmmmmm) and then bum around the rest of the day with them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

First Day

I left work a bit early to get the ride started. It was chilly and each gas stop I put on more clothes. It warmed up a bit in Kentucky, but then cooled off again as the evening progressed.At Lexington I decided to stop for the night. Cheap room, relatively clean. 340 miles tonight. Ok for the late start.Tomorrow, 200 more to get to the Tail of the Dragon. Ride that and then south till I get tired again.

All Set

Here is the bike, packed up and ready to go. I noticed last night that my intermittently failing heated seat and heated grips have failed entirely. Should not be a problem unless it is extra chilly. Which it is. It hit the THIRTIES last night! BRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!
:-) It's all good. I have warm gear, and I am headed south. It was already up to 45 when I rolled out.
Up for a day of work, then leaving straight from there. I hope to put in a few hours tonight so that I am just a few hours from my first destination, the Tail of the Dragon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip Plan

I have some vacation time to use, and I hope to spend it on my bike.
This trip is going to be loosely planned, with just some possible points of interest and a lot of road (2,400 miles).
I have not made it down to Tail of the Dragon yet this year, and I want to keep that an annual trip.  So that is likely one of the first items to do.
I enjoy popping down to Gulf Shores Alabama to see John and Rae.
I rode much of the Natchez Trace, but not the whole thing.  So, possibly Natchez Mississippi to Nashville Tennessee.
And there is a popular spot somewhere between Gulf Shores and Natchez called New Orleans.  Perhaps you have heard of it?  I think a quick day or two there will be fun.
It is late in the season, so I am not positive what the weather will be like.  Cooler here in Ohio - down in the 40's Friday when I hope to leave.
Threats of hurricanes down south.  I'll check the radar and my whim and make my decisions as I go.